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Our study tours invite you inside industry-leading manufacturing sites, allowing you to gain an authentic understanding of how operational excellence is delivered. Whether you’re aiming for the Shingo prize or simply keen to adopt best practices, our comprehensive programmes are designed to inspire, educate and improve your team.

The Manufacturing Institute has long been committed to producing and maintaining world-class standards of operational excellence. Now, we want to give others the tools and knowledge they need to hit these high benchmarks in their own facility.

That’s why we regularly encourage people to come behind the scenes and see our partner’s sites in action. Our private and public Study Tours combine education and experience to prepare your team for the Shingo prize or any other business transformation strategy.

Through witnessing best practices on factory floors and communicating with managers, visitors can deepen their understanding of lean manufacturing principles. These study tours offer a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in various manufacturing environments, technologies and working practices.

We’re proud to be involved in yet another Shingo prize win

To be awarded the prestigious Shingo Prize at the very first attempt by the Naro Fominsk End site is a fantastic achievement.



    • The Manufacturing Institute
    • Warren Bruce Court
    • Warren Bruce Road
    • Trafford Park
    • Manchester
    • M17 1LB
    • United Kingdom



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