Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

The Shingo Discover Excellence virtual workshop introduces the Three Insights of Organisational Excellence™, the Shingo Model™, and the Shingo Guiding Principles.

With active discussions and virtual ‘go and observe’ learning at host organisations, this workshop is a highly interactive experience. You’ll develop skills and insights that you can apply immediately as you discover how to release an organisation’s latent potential to achieve organisational excellence.

The Shingo Discover Excellence virtual workshop is a foundation workshop, providing the basic understanding needed in all Shingo workshops. It is therefore an essential gateway to the five other Shingo workshops in the series.

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Educational Aims

  • To provide an understanding and history of the Shingo Model
  • Review some of the key learnings from thought leaders such as: Maslow, Deming, Drucker, Covey, Kotter, Collins and many more
  • To understand the relationship between Culture, Systems, Tools and Principles
  • Learn how Systems drive Behaviour (Culture) that in-turn drive Results.
  • How the Shingo Model can be used to align the entire organisation
  • Apply your learning through three ‘Go and Observe’ visits to critical areas of the host site
  • Be able to examine your organisation’s culture and see the gap between actual behaviour and ideal behaviour

Learning Outcomes

  • On successful completion of the module delegates should be able to:
  • Understand the principles of enterprise excellence
  • Learn the key insights of ideal behaviours
  • Understand the relationship between behaviours, systems, and principles
  • Learn how systems drive behaviours and results
  • Learn how KBIs drive KPIs and how this leads to excellent results
  • Use Go & Observe to understand the practical application of the Shingo Guiding Principles

Teaching Methods

  • Presentation material, reference to case studies, small group activities and three ‘Go and Observe’ visits to critical areas of the host site.

How does it work

  • Virtual Classroom – live sessions over an interactive platform
  • 8 Sessions delivered over 3.5 hour blocks over 8 weeks

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