Shingo Cultural Enablers Workshop

This two-day workshop integrates classroom and on-site experiences at a host facility to build upon the knowledge and experience gained in the DISCOVER EXCELLENCE* and SYSTEMS DESIGN workshops. It takes you deeper into the Shingo Model™ by focusing on the principles identified in the Cultural Enablers dimension of the Shingo Guiding Principles:

  • Respect Every Individual
  • Lead with Humility

Cultural Enablers principles make it possible for people in an organization to engage in the transformation journey, progress in their understanding, and build a culture of organizational excellence. Organizational excellence cannot be achieved through top-down directives or piecemeal implementation of tools. It requires a widespread organizational commitment.

The CULTURAL ENABLERS workshop will help you define ideal behaviors and the systems that drive those behaviors using behavioral benchmarks.

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Educational Aims

  • To provide an overview of the Shingo Model, Shingo Guiding Principles, and the Three Insights of Operational Excellence.
  • Review some of the key learnings from thought leaders such as: Maslow, Deming, Senge, Covey, Kotter, Collins and many more.
  • Understand the Shingo Guiding Principles’ Cultural Enablers dimension
  • Strengthen understanding of the relationship between principles, systems, and behaviours
  • Learn how systems drive behaviours and results
  • Understand the fundamental truths and behavioural benchmarks behind the principles Respect Every Individual and Lead with Humility
  • Use Go & Observe to understand the practical application of the Cultural Enablers dimension
  • Be able to examine your organisation’s systems and determine if they are driving ideal behaviours to achieve sustainable business transformations

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module delegates should be able to:

  • Have an in depth understanding of the Shingo Model
  • Understand the Fundamental Truths behind Respect Every Individual and Lead with Humility
  • Understand the connections between principles, core ideal behaviours, systems, KBIs, and the types of questions to ask that will reveal evidence of behaviour
  • Understand how systems drive cultural transformation
  • Go & Observe actual systems
  • Develop a project plan to assess the Cultural Enablers Dimension at own organisation 

Teaching Methods

  • Presentation material, reference to case studies, small group activities and three ‘Go and Observe’ visits to critical areas of the host site.

How does it work

  • Virtual Classroom – 4 live sessions over an interactive platform

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