Six Sigma Green Belt Boot Camp

The Six Sigma Green Belt programme serves as a specialist-level course, covering the identification and removal of the causes of defects and minimisation of process variability, not only in manufacturing processes but also in back office business systems too. The Green Belt programme also covers a set of quality management methods, mainly statistical methods.

Becoming a Manufacturing Institute green belt practitioner will teach you how to make “data driven decisions” ensuring the projects being delivered within your business bring benefits to the end user which can be measured in the data.

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What are the benefits to the company

  • Structured problem-solving to identify and address business-critical challenges
  • Greater insight to customer requirements and how this drives business processes
  • Understanding of what is critical to quality
  • Decrease in defect-rate caused by process variation
  • Understanding of world-class manufacturing standards and what steps are taken to achieve this
  • High-level, data-driven decision making for improvement projects

What are the benefits to the delegate

  • Insight into data-collection and preparation
  • Understanding of the statistical approach to improvement
  • More objective and high-level thinking
  • Ability to lead Six Sigma projects using the DMAIC framework
  • Personal development alongside a network of peers

Course pre-requisites

  • Access to a compatible device
  • All delegates need access to their own machine as the course is highly interactive and requires independent contribution

How does it work

  • Virtual Classroom – live sessions over an interactive platform
  • 5 Sessions delivered over 3.5 hour blocks


  1. Six Sigma Overview
  2. Project Definition Inc CTQ/SIPOC and Process Mappin
  3. Basic Statistic overview
  4. SPC and Capability
  5. Cause & Effect and FMEA
  6. T-Tests and ANOVA
  7. Proportion tests
  8. Correlation and Regression
  9. Improve and Control Tools
  10. Standardisation

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