Six Sigma Black Belt Boot Camp

The Six Sigma Black Belt programme covers a series of extremely thorough technical materials that enables delegates to coach and support others in their usage of the D.M.A.I.C cycle. Covering a wide range of essential and advanced Six Sigma tools and methods, the course will push individuals to achieve expert practitioner level. At this level, Black Belt includes a strategic approach to problem-solving, a high-level statistical analysis of production data and a structured project outline.

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What are the benefits to the company

  • Understanding of strategic issues and how data can contribute to the solution
  • Rigorous problem-solving, addressing root-cause
  • Gaining an in house Six Sigma specialist who can own future projects
  • Expert facilitation of future improvement workshops

What are the benefits to the delegate

  • Ability to lead Six Sigma teams and projects
  • Becoming the in house expert on Six Sigma to be deployed on future projects
  • Strategic level thinking, statistical mindset
  • Joining an elite global community of CI experts

Course pre-requisites

  • Access to a compatible device
  • All delegates need access to their own machine as the course is highly interactive and requires independent contribution

How does it work

  • Virtual Classroom – live sessions over an interactive platform
  • 8 Sessions delivered over 3.5 hour blocks


  1. Randomised Blocking
  2. Intro to Design of Experiments
  3. Factorials inc 2k, Fractional and Full Factorials
  4. Non-linearity
  5. Ancova (Analysis of Covariance)
  6. DOE and Noise
  7. Change Management
  8. Leadership

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