Lean Manufacturing Boot Camp

Any organisation which aims to truly embed Continuous Improvement will want to provide an essential Toolkit to the individuals involved. This programme takes students through a series of modules that look at a wide range of Lean/Continuous Improvement Tools. It covers the core principles of lean manufacturing, embeds an understanding of the link between culture change and continuous improvement enabling delegates to help their organisations create tangible and sustainable benefits from the know-how of efficient procedures.

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What are the benefits to the company

  • Lean tools and techniques are brought back and applied to the workplace
  • Cost-saving measures, waste elimination and process efficiencies
  • More motivated production teams
  • Learning true root causes of business challenges
  • A roadmap to a more embedded Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Creation of a visual factory using 5S methodology
  • A calmer, more organised and proactive workplace

What are the benefits to the delegate

  • Understanding of key principles of Continuous Improvement and ability to deliver key projects
  • Wide variety of new skills and techniques for the workplace
  • Becoming a CI leader and Change Agent
  • Personal development alongside a network of peers
  • Best practice understanding from industry experts and world-leading manufacturers

Course pre-requisites

  • Access to a compatible device
  • All delegates need access to their own machine as the course is highly interactive and requires independent contribution

How does it work

  • Virtual Classroom – live sessions over an interactive platform
  • 10 Sessions delivered over 3.5 hour blocks over 10 weeks


  1. Lean Thinking
  2. Lean Simulation Lego Game
  3. Process Mapping
  4. Value Stream Mapping
  5. Visual Management
  6. Problem Solving (1)
  7. Problem Solving (2)
  8. Running Improvement Projects
  9. Coaching Improvement
  10. Operational Excellence

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