The Manufacturing Institute has been delivering public courses for over 25 years. We find that bringing delegates together from different roles, organisations and sectors benefits the group as a whole and enables a sharing of best practice which provides a unique insight and alternative perspective to what delegates experience day-to-day, delivering a powerful learning experience.

Shingo Workshops

Learn more about how the Shingo Model can drive your culture toward organisational excellence by attending the Shingo Workshop Series, which includes six workshops. The first workshop in the series is Discover Excellence and is a prerequisite to the other workshops, other workshops in the series include Systems Design, Cultural Enablers, Continuous Improvement, Enterprise Alignment and Build Excellence.

During 2020 we are only offering virtual public Shingo Workshops – delivered over half day sessions and packed with content, discussion and debate. The virtual hosts take delegates on a virtual tour of their improvement journey with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Bespoke Training

Building a training programme that will meet your exact requirements, we take elements of our public programmes and wider content library and use your data and experiences to make it a perfect fit for you and your business. You will be assigned an account manager and practitioner that will take you through the complete process through to delivery. In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing case studies highlighting where we have supported manufacturing businesses through bespoke training packages delivering outstanding results.

On Demand Content

On-demand content is something new that we are offering to support busy manufacturing professionals – we are developing purpose-built content and delivering it through Vimeo On-Demand. This is a perfect opportunity to develop yourself and team while offering maximum flexibility. We have developed a wealth of content from entry level lean tools through to an introduction to the Shingo Model – content is available over a series of short videos.  

We will be adding content continuously so make sure you check the site regularly for new releases.


In our experience of working with Senior Leadership Teams they often do not function as a team.
All to often members of the Senior Leadership Team manage their own function -they meet frequently to review optional performance but seldom focus on themselves as a high performing team.
It is not until they work on their team dynamics and start to trust eachother that you can truly say they are a team, at which point you’ll start seeing fantastic business results.