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Which Manufacturing Institute Course Is Right For My Business?

22nd May 2018

The Manufacturing Institute work closely with manufacturers to ensure that each and every one of our public courses is tailored to the goals, challenges and considerations of those we support. Nonetheless, to get the most out of our education programmes, it’s important to pick the course that’s right for you.

Here, we cast our eye over the selection of courses currently available at The Manufacturing Institute, offering insight into what these programmes involve and which professionals or roles they’re best suited for.

Developing People

Our Developing People courses give learners the skills to motivate, enhance, and develop their workforce. These training programmes are designed for those looking to cement a stronger team bond.

Team Leader Development Programme

Every terrific team has a great leader whom all can turn to for inspiration. Our team leader training programme shapes these great figures – the glue that holds strong groups together.

Who is this course for?

Any current team leader aiming to improve their people skills, or aspiring team leaders seeking to acquire the necessary traits to successfully leap into such a role.

Supporting Improvement

Education is key to progression, and the Supporting Improvement courses from The Manufacturing Institute are designed for ambitious individuals who will be responsible for improving and transforming systems, processes and behaviours.

Accelerated Route To Lean Manufacturing

A fast-track course that teaches tried and tested lean manufacturing techniques over the course of 10 weeks.

Who is this course for?

Individuals tasked with improving company performance through lean manufacturing.

Six Sigma Green Belt

A prestigious course that offers insight into the Six Sigma methodology that facilitates lean production.

Who is this course for?

Those looking to play a key role in their company’s Six Sigma project.

Six Sigma Black Belt

The next level up from Six Sigma Green Belt, with advanced technical modules that lead to higher credentials.

Who is this course for?

Those looking to lead and manage a Six Sigma agenda.

Creating Leaders

If you’ve always wanted to take charge in manufacturing, our Creating Leaders programmes are perfect for you.

MSc In Manufacturing Leadership

In partnership with Lancaster University, the MSc In Manufacturing Leadership course offers a Manufacturing Masters qualification and shapes senior managers, directors and CEOs.

Who is this course for?

Experienced manufacturing personalities, ideally with a qualification, who are looking to secure a top-tier position within the industry.

Enterprise Excellence

Make operational excellence part of the culture of your enterprise. Our workshops make change sustainable by focusing on the behaviours that drive your desired results.

Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

The Shingo Model is a new way of thinking in manufacturing, and our workshop teaches the guiding principles so you can successfully implement this revolutionary approach in your workplace.

Who is this course for?

Business leaders looking to change the way their business operates, improving functionality and changing behaviours for the better.

Strive for success with courses at The Manufacturing Institute

If you’re looking to take your business or career to a new level, you need to ensure you and your team are equipped with the knowledge and talent to take you there. The Manufacturing Institute’s courses are designed to help your business excel in every way – and you can sign up right now at the click of a button.

Visit our courses page for more information, or speak to our helpful team on 0161 875 2525 if you have any questions at all. You can also get in touch using our online contact form.


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The Manufacturing Institute are actively involved in the Shingo prize for excellence - an award widely considered to be the Nobel Prize of manufacturing. With our help, organisations can grow and develop to the point where they meet, and even surpass, Shingo prize criteria standards.



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