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How Your Business Can Benefit From Implementation Services

3rd December 2018

Continual improvement and constant evolution are the heroes in every manufacturing success story. They steer the narrative in a positive direction and open up a whole host of exciting possibilities for the future. They’re the protagonists of every business tale, representing the key to progression.

Continual improvement and constant evolution are the heroes in every manufacturing success story. They steer the narrative in a positive direction and open up a whole host of exciting possibilities for the future. They’re the protagonists of every business tale, representing the key to progression.

However, in order to bring these elements into your business and keep them there, you need to take advantage of implementation services.

At The Manufacturing Institute, we offer a wide variety of strategic support for companies aiming to introduce a culture of persistent development. In this blog, we take a look at each of these implementation services in greater detail, illustrating the different ways in which we support manufacturers as they strive for success.

Business reviews

You can’t expect to see improvements across your company without having reflected on the business overall.

The Manufacturing Institute’s business reviews are designed to provide you with detached, unemotional, unbiased reports compiled by a professional team of experienced manufacturing personnel.

Truthfully and accurately analysing your own company is an impossible task. It’s tough to criticise familiar methods that might, in fact, be wasteful and outdated – and it’s even harder to let go of archaic approaches that have served you well up until this point.

That’s why bringing in an outsider can prove so valuable. Our experts don’t just offer an objective eye to tell you what’s working and what isn’t – they also suggest the steps you need to take in order to change things for the better.

Business reviews offer a renewed sense of perspective and fresh insight into your company as a whole, helping you make the right changes at the right times for the best possible results.

Benchmark assessments

Turning your business into an environment that readily embraces change requires constant re-evaluation. Setting the bar for standards is one of the biggest challenges and most thought-provoking processes you will face as a manufacturer, and The Manufacturing Institute offer specialist assistance in benchmarking.

Instead of helping you reach for a slightly higher target than you achieved last year, our manufacturing professionals help you build a strategy in tune with your overall aims and budget, all the while considering your company’s place in the market.

Our benchmark assessments are based on the revolutionary Shingo Model, so that you know your company is permanently striving for excellence in every area.

Shingo support

The Shingo Institute and The Manufacturing Institute have been partners since 2008 and have a strong relationship. We have unparalleled experience and are one of the most knowledgeable organisations in the world when it comes to Shingo. We offer the kind of support and guidance you need to successfully implement their model and mindset within your company, and the networks available to connect like-minded organisations together.

Given our unique insight into this progressive thinking paradigm, we are able to help manufacturing organisations of any size adopt the Shingo philosophy – which in turn encourages constant improvement across the board. Indeed, we have helped more organisations gain Shingo recognition than any other affiliate of theirs globally.

We also offer more public Shingo Discover Excellence workshops at world-class manufacturing sites, and are committed to remaining the number one provider of this support through initiatives like our Framework For Excellence Conference.

With Shingo support at your beck and call, you can turn your organisation into a place that sets the scene for future lean manufacturing practices that are cost-efficient and forward-thinking.

Transformation plans

Turning your manufacturing organisation into one that’s productive and profitable cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time to create and shape a strategy that makes such change possible. With The Manufacturing Institute, you can put together your very own transformation plan.

Cultures and attitudes are always changing in modern society. Your approach as a manufacturer must mirror the demands and expectations of the current climate’s consumers, and a tailored transformation plan is what you need to stay flexible.

Our team can guide you in your creation of a process for transformation, offering your company an opportunity to thrive in every type of environment.

Lean consultancy

We are less lean consultants than we are business partners here at The Manufacturing Institute. We work alongside our clients rather than instructing them what to do. In order to ‘go lean’ and make processes as cost-efficient as possible, it’s essential to have a manufacturing expert in your corner.

Collaborating with our team gives you the greatest chance of seeing cut-costs and higher quality results in the shortest possible time frame. It also offers you a support structure that sees these efficient processes maintained, reviewed, and enhanced regularly and effectively.

Lean consultancy doesn’t just improve what you already have on-site – it also opens you up to a whole new world of ideas and approaches. Our experts have decades of experience across a variety of manufacturing sectors and will happily pass on any invaluable insight they have gleaned from their time in the industry.

Book in your implementation service today

Is your manufacturing business ready to introduce changes that turn a tale of struggle and survival into one of triumph and achievement? Speak to our friendly team here at The Manufacturing Institute for more information on the types of implementation services we can provide to help your business.

With bespoke support for each individual client, we ensure you receive the right type of service for your needs and budget. We can visit your site and provide a quote based on the specific assistance you require, tailoring a suitable support strategy in line with your aims.

Get in touch today for more information on our implementation services by giving us a call on +44 (0) 161 875 2525 or sending a message via our online contact form.


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The Manufacturing Institute are actively involved in the Shingo prize for excellence - an award widely considered to be the Nobel Prize of manufacturing. With our help, organisations can grow and develop to the point where they meet, and even surpass, Shingo prize criteria standards.



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