Fab UK community

It all started in Manchester in 2010 when the Manufacturing Institute set up the first Fab Lab in the UK.

This was followed by a Fab Lab in Airedale in West Yorkshire in 2011 and since then we have set up or helped in some way with the set up of Fab Labs in Ellesmere Port, Belfast, Londonderry, Cockermouth, Ironbridge, Falmouth and Lime Wharf in London.

All the Fab Labs now come under the Fab UK umbrella with a vision to develop a UK network of similar facilities engaging with over 250,000 people by 2020.

We are excited about the future and are looking forward to providing expertise, support and guidance to organisations or groups who may be interested in establishing a new Fab Lab and drive a new generation of interest in digital manufacturing.

If you are interested in setting up a Fab Lab – we can help!