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The Manufacturing Institute is a rich source of expertise. Our industry experts have worked in manufacturing businesses of all sizes and sectors, driving improvement and delivering results.

They have all walked the walk and know exactly what it takes to successfully introduce and, importantly, sustain any change programme, whatever the scale.  They roll up their sleeves and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Our approach centres on transferring knowledge from us to you, so that you can acquire the skills and know-how to transform your business and your people now and in the future.

Whatever stage you’re at on the journey to excellence, we have a wealth of experience to help you reach the next level.

Whether its a full strategic review, introduction of a new process, performance-boosting training from shop floor to boardroom, or an assessment to benchmark against your global competitors, we have a solution.

Take your pick, from on-site consultancy to workshops, events, study tours, training programmes and much more.  We’re looking forward to putting 20 years of expertise and success at your disposal.

Operational Excellence

The Manufacturing Institute is a leader in operational excellence, introducing change programmes to transform business performance.

Our core capabilities are based on a deep understanding of tools, systems and principles required to transform manufacturing businesses and deliver operational excellence. We have a broad range of expertise that spans the strategic to the practical and, crucially, we understand how to link these together.

Strategy & Culture

Embedding strategic and cultural change

Much of our consulting work is based around helping our customers achieve a deeper transformation by embedding the principles, culture and behaviours that drive transformational change.


Bringing a systematic approach to excellence

We understand how to build effective systems which sustain the deployment of lean tools and ultimately help businesses to drive continuous improvements.


Expert solutions in manufacturing tools and techniques

Our practitioners are grounded in deploying and refining the very latest tools and techniques, with an unrivalled understanding of how to engage and educate shop floor associates to deliver sustainable improvement.


Delivering sustainable change

Companies invest millions of pounds a year in training for their staff. To what extent do they get a return on the investment? The hope is that individuals that are trained will come back into their place of work and apply their new knowledge. The reality is that less than 20% will probably feel able to apply what they have learned due to a lack of support and encouragement.

Over recent years we have been delivering training with follow-up coaching as a much more effective and measurable approach. Companies have become much more focused on return on investment and we have been developing our offering in response to this.

The starting point for the dialogue between ourselves and the client is to understand what the company is trying to achieve, and then tailor the training and coaching programme to support specific deliverables.
Our belief at TMI is that training with coaching is the way forward if you are interested in real skills development, return on investment and sustaining improvements.


Our involvement in the Shingo Prize has gathered pace in recent years as the number of companies seeking recognition or assessment against the global Shingo standard has increased.

The Manufacturing Institute is not only the first partner of the Shingo Institute in Europe but has helped more organisations achieve recognition than any other Shingo affiliate, including the first two sites recognised in Europe, Ultraframe and BAE systems, and the first 3 full Shingo Prize Winners in Europe, Abbott Vascular, Depuy Synthes and Newsprinters Eurocentral.

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Record Customer Satisfaction

The Manufacturing Institute is celebrating record customer satisfaction scores across its education, training and consultancy programmes for the third consecutive year.

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Inside the mind of a lean leader

Lean thinking has become accepted across manufacturers in all industries as an essential enabler for continuous improvement. Positive, and sometimes spectacular, results through lean initiatives in the short term are commonplace, but more elusive is the achievement of sustainable improvement on the road to true enterprise excellence.

This is because most organisations continue to focus on the use of lean tools and systems and lose sight of the prime purpose – …

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