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Girl power triumphed at The Manufacturing Institute’s Make It Grand Final in Manchester.

The event was the culmination of 12 months of manufacturing Challenges across the North West thanks to funding from the Careers and Enterprise Company and individual sponsors. Teams of 13 and 14 year olds from North Wales, Cheshire, Manchester, Lancashire and East and West Cheshire came together for a deeper challenge to test their teamwork and enterprise skills at Old Trafford Football Ground.

Despite having just five team members instead of eight, the winners were Penwortham Girls’ School who wowed the judges with their enthusiasm and creativity. Said Aimee McGloin who manages the Make It Challenges for The Manufacturing Institute: “The 11 teams were really put through the mill with a challenge to design and develop a new Aerospace brand. Our partners in manufacturing were astonished with the quality of the design ideas, models and presentations.

“Our partners in manufacturing were astonished with the quality of the design ideas, models and presentations.”

Aimee McGloin, Make It Campaign Assistant, The Manufacturing Institute


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The Manufacturing Institute are actively involved in the Shingo prize for excellence - an award widely considered to be the Nobel Prize of manufacturing. With our help, organisations can grow and develop to the point where they meet, and even surpass, Shingo prize criteria standards.



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