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Is Community The New Culture?

15th January 2019

Today’s popular mantra across industry is that you need to create the right culture to succeed. Creating culture means developing a working environment based upon a set of behavioural standards. Employees are then expected to adopt and conform to the rules that make up that culture. This approach has been acknowledged as the right way […]


Meet Frank Hayden: The Manufacturing Institute’s Long-Standing Collaborator

4th January 2019

With 30 years of experience and an incredible list of industry achievements, Frank Hayden is not just a prized personality in UK manufacturing – he’s also one of The Manufacturing Institute’s closest affiliates and supporters. Throughout our long-standing relationship, Frank has served as a trustee, board member, internal advisor and external influence – supporting public […]


Reality Check: The State Of UK Manufacturing

18th December 2018

People around the globe are quick to laud Britain for its prowess in the likes of financial services, education and media. But few are willing to accept that the nation is a world leader in manufacturing. Despite having remained in the top 11 production countries for the past decade, UK manufacturing is widely regarded as […]


Manufacturing Champions Awards 2018

13th December 2018

UK manufacturing isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. This was the opening theme that Chris Beck, editor of Manufacturing Management Magazine, played on as he stepped up to host The Manufacturing Champions Awards at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on December 6th. Chris revealed that when people were asked to rank Britain’s influence in the […]


Improvements Your UK Manufacturing Business Should Be Looking At For 2019

3rd December 2018

There are sure to be many new challenges (and opportunities) for manufacturing companies in the wake of the Brexit fiasco. Whilst we’re currently embroiled in an uncertain political, economical and technological climate that’s creating more questions than answers, we can be certain that businesses will need to think outside of the box. 2019 will demand […]


How Your Business Can Benefit From Implementation Services

3rd December 2018

Continual improvement and constant evolution are the heroes in every manufacturing success story. They steer the narrative in a positive direction and open up a whole host of exciting possibilities for the future. They’re the protagonists of every business tale, representing the key to progression. However, in order to bring these elements into your business […]


Reasons To Attend The Framework For Excellence Conference In March

22nd November 2018

The Manufacturing Institute is hosting its Framework For Excellence Conference in March 2019, celebrating both our 25th anniversary and 10 years of being a Shingo Affiliate. The three-day event will also be the European Shingo Conference for 2019. It will serve as a meeting and debate space for the most experienced and insightful minds in […]


Which Training Model Is Best For My Business?

22nd November 2018

You should always be looking to advance as an organisation – no matter how many goals you might have already achieved or expectations you’ve surpassed. The Manufacturing Institute provide you with the perfect platform for progression – all you need to do is identify your needs. Training models for manufacturing organisations are available in many […]


How The UK Manufacturing Sector Is Changing

22nd November 2018

The manufacturing industry has always been influenced by the demands of society – which remain permanently in flux. Britain has a reputation for lagging behind other nations when it comes to manufacturing, focused primarily on moving goods in high volume at the lowest possible cost. Whilst this operational model had its day and age, it […]


What Is Lean Manufacturing?

22nd November 2018

Lean manufacturing is a big buzzword in the industry – and with good reason. A belief system that has helped to propel manufacturing into an exciting new era, lean ideology is one of the most important and influential movements of our time. At The Manufacturing Institute, we’ve seen first-hand how it has transformed companies across […]



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The Manufacturing Institute are actively involved in the Shingo prize for excellence - an award widely considered to be the Nobel Prize of manufacturing. With our help, organisations can grow and develop to the point where they meet, and even surpass, Shingo prize criteria standards.



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