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Does your business have a clear plan for growth?

Julie Madigan, Chief Executive, The Manufacturing Institute

I’m sure, like many other businesses, the festive period was a time to reflect on what you achieved in 2012 and how you arrived there. This inevitably leads to thinking about what went well, what didn’t go quite so well and what you plan to do differently during the year ahead. Usually, a plan is then hatched to ensure that 2013 is the year that you, and your business, move forward to achieve a new set of goals.

Inevitably, three weeks into the New Year and what seemed a priority might begin to fade as the day-to-day challenges take over. 

So what makes a manufacturing business successful in 2013?

In times of uncertainty the most successful companies are those with a game plan for growth. We have learnt that the successful companies we work with are able to answer yes to the following statements:

  1. I have a clear and compelling vision for my business
  2. My team is fully engaged and delivering my plan
  3. I am absolutely clear about how to identify new market opportunities for the business
  4. I know what my customers really value from me
  5. I am operating my business as effectively and efficiently as I can

Could you answer yes to all five?

If not, then we can help.

Our brand new Growth Programme has been specifically designed to help senior managers from manufacturing SMEs in the North West to find and win new customers, develop new products and markets, maximise sales and profitability, engage and lead your team and, importantly, stay ahead of the competition.

We recognise that while manufacturers face similar threats and opportunities, every manufacturing business is different, which is why the Growth Programme is bespoke, allowing you to apply your learning directly into your own business. Including topical masterclasses and personal on-site support, the programme also features unique Dragons’ Den sessions, where publicly-recognised senior manufacturing entrepreneurs will use their commercial expertise to review your plans and help you to improve them.

To find out how we can guide you through the growth journey, just visit the Growth Programme section on our website where you can read more about the programem and download our brochure.

The Manufacturing Institute’s Growth Programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Developing Manufacturing Competitiveness and Capability in the North West project.

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