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  • The power of people in engaging change

    Barry Mechan, Unit Manager, Unilever

    Very often, businesses identify improvements that will increase productivity and profitability but ensuring they are effectively implemented and delivered relies on working from the bottom up.

    Whilst undertaking The Manufacturing Institute’s Diploma in Manufacturing, my…Read More

  • Six steps to successful manufacturing leadership

    Top tips from Frank Hayden, leading industrialist and former Global Manufacturing Director at Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems

    Value Stream Mapping

    Streamlining work processes results in reduced costs and increased quality, enabling you to offer customer flexibility and reduced lead times.…Read More

  • From manager to manufacturing leader

    Darren Brackwell, Production Manager, Tritech International

    There are two pressures on manufacturing today; both related to change. One is the global economy, the other is the expectations placed on each of us as individuals to cope with a very different…Read More

  • Smaller is better for CI participation

    Mike Martyn, Shingo Prize winning author

    The best indicator of successfully developing a continuous improvement culture is your ability to engage people. Because “engagement is all about participation, it is critical that you create a way for people to consistently…Read More

  • Turning waste into gain

    Brian Ennis, Operations Manager, Lucchini UK Ltd

    If someone had told me that we could achieve cost savings of 20% and increase our output by up to 25% through implementing simple yet highly effective lean tools and techniques, I wouldn’t…Read More

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