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Licensed Shingo Affiliate


The Manufacturing Institute is a leader in Enterprisel Excellence, introducing change programmes to transform the performance of manufacturing businesses. Over the past decade, we have helped over 9,000 manufacturers to improve their productivity, delivering improvements in performance in excess of £1.1bn.ed

Licensed Shingo Affilaite 

The Shingo Prize provides manufacturing companies with a model to achieve excellence and is a catalyst to drive lean transformation.

By offering the opportunity for independent verification against global standards it provides a framework against which businesses can measure their performance and, importantly, identify opportunities for improvement. The Shingo Model is fast becoming the business model of choice for manufacturers who want to truly embed excellence across their operations.

The Manufacturing Institute is the UK’s first educational partner for the Shingo Prize and is responsible for introducing the Shingo Model to companies headquartered in the UK and Ireland, working with 17 Shingo Prize recipients globally. 

Dr. Shigeo Shingo

The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence is named after Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo who distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts in improving manufacturing processes. Dr. Shingo has been described as an engineering genius who helped create and write about many aspects of the revolutionary manufacturing practices which comprise the renowned Toyota Production System.

Download a copy of our Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence brochure or read our case study on Lake Region Medical's Shingo journey.

Operational Excellence

Our core capabilities are based on a deep understanding of the strategy, systems and tools required to transform manufacturing businesses and deliver operational excellence. Our broad range of expertise spans the strategic to the practical and, crucially, we understand how to link these together.

Lean Strategy

Transforming strategic change through:

  • Understanding and influencing organisational culture and climate
  • Turn organisational values into behaviours that drive performance
  • Embedding principles of operational excellence


Bringing a systematic approach to excellence through:

  • Workplace organisation
  • Visual management
  • Problem solving
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Sales
  • 5S


Expert solutions in manufacturing tools and techniques through:

  • Value stream mapping
  • Just in time (JIT)
  • Problem solving tools e.g. 8D, A3 Thinking and Fishbone

To find out more about how we can improve your business download our Corporate Brochure.

You can also read some of our case studies or contact our Practitioner Services Team.

  • Peter Jukes, Operations Director, Leyland Trucks

    “Our Shingo Bronze Medallion provided a framework on which to structure our journey towards operational excellence. The process was challenging and allowed us to identify where our company was world-class and where we needed to improve, The Manufacturing Institute was a key partner in our success.”

  • Noel Hennessy, Continuous Improvement Director, Lake Region Medical

    “The Shingo Bronze Medallion confirms the world-class status of our company, and we are delighted to be the first med-tech company in Europe to receive this best in class designation. I am 100% sure that without the support of The Manufacturing Institute we would not have been in a position to challenge for the Shingo Prize.”

  • Marco Hibma, Lean Manager, Post Danmark

    "Every company that has global aspirations to be world-class needs to undertake Shingo Workshop training."

  • Michael Lunn, Change Manager, Syngenta

    "To achieve world-class standards we need to embed the right culture and values across our organisation. The Cultural Enablers workshop has laid out the model for us to do just that."

Webinar: Operational Excellence Study Tour

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