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The Manufacturing Institute is a rich source of expertise. Our industry experts have worked in manufacturing businesses of all sizes and sectors, driving improvement and delivering results.

They have all walked the walk and know exactly what it takes to successfully introduce and, importantly, sustain any change programme, whatever the scale.  They roll up their sleeves and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Our approach centres on transferring knowledge from us to you, so that you can acquire the skills and know-how to transform your business and your people now and in the future.


Whatever stage you’re at on the journey to excellence, we have a wealth of experience to help you reach the next level.

Whether its a full strategic review, introduction of a new process, performance-boosting training from shop floor to boardroom, or an assessment to benchmark against your global competitors, we have a solution.

Take your pick, from on-site consultancy to workshops, events, study tours, training programmes and much more.  We’re looking forward to putting 20 years of expertise and success at your disposal.

Enterprise Excellence

To succeed in a fiercely competitive global market, it’s not sufficient to just have the tools and techniques. Top-class performance relies on quality products, superb service, and a world-beating can-do culture.

Our Enterprise Excellence Framework has been developed from 20 years of face to face experience helping thousands of manufacturing companies to be the best that they can be. It is a proven method to guide organisations through the complex process of achieving and sustaining world-class performance.

The Enterprise Excellence Framework sets us apart – and it can do the same for you.

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Structured for Success

The Enterprise Excellence Framework is real, tangible change born out of the lessons learned from the manufacturing issues and challenges we have been overcoming for the last two decades.

The Framework drives excellence into every corner of the business and establishes a culture that ensures every individual is committed to your strategic objectives, inspiring and motivating them to take part in the company’s transformation and subsequent long-term success.

The framework consists of two key elements.The horizontal axis of the framework drives operational alignment and uses continuous improvement to drive excellence across the business from supplier and customer.

What sets the Framework apart, however, is the vertical axis, which drives true step change in the organisation. This defines vision, core purpose and strategy, boosting employee value creation through engagement, involvement and participation in the strategic direction of the business.

Three Key Elements To Making Lasting Change

Strategic alignment

Vertical Axis

Strategic alignment enables key stakeholders to create a shared definition of excellence, understand the true reality of their current state and formulate a long-term vision for their business. Key to the strategic alignment element of the framework is the development of the strategy and deployment plan, to engage and align every stakeholder across the breadth and depth of the organisation, to turn the plan into the new reality. Consideration is also given to the optimum organisational structure to deliver the plan successfully.

A Continuous Improvement Culture

The Pivotal Point

Recognising that in the real world, there can be a conflict of priorities between implementing the future state vision and dealing with the day to day business issues, “continuous improvement” is the pivotal link between the vertical strategic alignment axis and the horizontal operational alignment axis of the enterprise excellence framework. The very best organisations have learnt how to successfully manage this natural tension by creating a culture of continuous improvement and as a result they exhibit the tenacity to achieve greatness.

Operational alignment

Horizontal Axis

Operational alignment establishes the linkages between each functional step of the value chain across the enterprise, to create value for the customer. The traditional, tool-based “lean” approach to improvement usually results only in short term gains, which are not sustained. Adopting the Enterprise Excellence Framework leads to coordinated, sustainable improvements in priority areas of the business, with continuous improvement embedded in the culture of the organisation and everyone working towards a shared, mutually beneficial future state vision.

 Start your journey to Enterprise Excellence

We can facilitate a series of workshops in your organisation which will take you step by step through the framework, to develop each of the elements – See the Jaguar Land Rover: Road to Excellence case study.

Our services

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Do you want to be the best in the world? We can help you get there.

In 2008, The Manufacturing Institute became Europe’s first strategic partner for the Shingo Prize and we are very proud to have worked with a total of 18 recipients including the first two European winners Depuy Synthes Ireland and Abbott Ireland, and the first UK overall prize winner, Newsprinters Eurocentral in Motherwell.

Our Shingo Prize workshops are all delivered by manufacturing experts who have spent many years working with and understanding the Shingo Model.

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Discover Excellence

Schrader, Antrim

20th & 21st January 2015

Over two intensive days you will see why the Shingo Model is the Global Standard for Operational Excellence and how you can adopt the key principles and apply them in your business.

Price: £950.00

Discover Excellence

Jaguar Land Rover, Liverpool

10th & 11th February 2015

Over two intensive days you will see why the Shingo Model is the Global Standard for Operational Excellence and how you can adopt the key principles and apply them in your business.

Price: £950.00

Discover Excellence

DePuySynthes (Ireland)

24th & 25th February 2015

Over two intensive days you will see why the Shingo Model is the Global Standard for Operational Excellence and how you can adopt the key principles and apply them in your business.

Price: £950.00


Manufacturing Champions – we salute you!

Congratulations to all the finalists at the very first Manufacturing Champions Awards which were held in Manchester today.

The Manufacturing Institute was proud to be the lead sponsor for this fantastic event which was created and organised by Works Management magazine.

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A Royal day to remember

by Dr Julie Madigan MBE, Manufacturing Institute CEO

I arrived at the Palace sweeping past the crowds of tourists dressed in a big hat and feeling like an imposter! I half expected security to turn us away (I had a moment there translating my Irish maiden and work name across to my Italian married name!) but after showing a pile of fully cross-referenced documents they let us in. Phew!

Husband had announced …

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