The Manufacturing Institute

Who we are

Transforming Manufacturing Businesses

The Manufacturing Institute is an independent charity founded to inspire, educate and improve the performance of manufacturing companies, their employees and the wider public.

Operational Excellence

We deliver a wide range of high quality manufacturing education, training and consultancy services which build operational excellence in some of the world’s most effective manufacturing companies - whether it’s through innovative thinking, lean manufacturing, process improvement, skills enhancement or leadership development.

Charity Campaigns

We also deliver innovative charitable campaigns including Make It and Fab Lab, to improve the image of manufacturing amongst young people and drive grassroots innovation.

Company details: The Manufacturing Institute (limited by guarantee)
Registered in England No. 2996104
Charity Registration No. 1043019
TPMI (Trading) Limited Registered in England No. 3004124
VAT Number. 897 3975 40

ISO 9001 Quality Standard
  • Mark Prisk, Former Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

    “I strongly commend the work of The Manufacturing Institute. We have to fire up the imaginations of young people to ensure that they can see there are genuinely rewarding careers in industry. We also want tackle the myth about low salaries and that is the mindset that we are working with industry to change.”

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